Here comes the summer!

// Juli 22nd, 2015

It’s been a while since we did an update here…we were just too busy to participate in the every day madness of telling everybody what we do.

Instead of telling what we do on every social media site you can imagine, we did a lot stuff the old school way….working and sweating in real life 🙂

Let’s start:

After our spring tour in April and May, Ralf and Rob entered the studio to record bass & drum tracks for the new album. 21 tracks in 4 days, not so bad…

Guitars will be done in August, additional sounds and vocals afterwards

We already work on the artwork, prepare for the photo shooting, think about new videos and booked some shows….

Touring starts again by the end of August…we do Germany,Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the UK, before we finish the new album in december.  Release is scheduled for march so far…then more touring!

Now it’s holiday time…see you in the fall!

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Back on the road!

// März 30th, 2015

After a four months break, we’re back on the road in April!

Check the tourdates to see, if we come to a city close to you.

We have been working on new songs and started rehearsals for the recording in June.

Rob has started his own Guitar School (check out and will publish his first guitar book „Der Gitarrenheld“ in May.

More news soon!

Tourflyer 2015 Vs 4

Happy New Year!

// Januar 30th, 2015

We’ve been taking a break from the road for the last weeks and will continue to do so…

…after one show on a Monday night – Feb 02, Kucaf/ Mainz (DE)

Taking a break doesn’t mean we do nothing…

Rob wrote 16 new songs and we started rehearsing them for the recording in June. …which means: Yes, we do a new album, which should be out in 2016.

Booking for the spring tour is in the final stages…check the tourdates to see where we go.

And now, ….back to the tour break. See you soon!


Last show before the tour break!

// Dezember 1st, 2014

After 110 shows the SNAPSHOTS FROM THE UNDERGROUND TOUR comes to an end.

Please join us at the „end of tour party“  in our hometown Wiesbaden.

December 6th at the Kulturpalast Wiesbaden

After that we’ll dissapear for a few weeks and work on new songs…recording is scheduled for June!

See you soon!

Flyer Kupa 2014 klein

UK TOUR 2014

// Oktober 20th, 2014

Only a few days and we’re leaving home for our annual tour of the UK. 10 days of Rock & Roll are awaiting us and we’re looking forward to see all our friends again, have an English breakfast everyday, drink some ale and do some serious shopping in Brighton!

Besides that we’ll do what we do best: Play some music for cool people and travel the world doing what we love. We prepared a few special  songs for our english audience, so be excited!

See you all in a few days!

Flyer UK

The next tour!

// August 28th, 2014

Summer break is over…along with the summer, which is very bad in our opinion. But even with a grey cloudy sky, rain and freezing wind blowing around our surfy noses,  we’ll be happy, since we’re on the road again!

From tomorrow on we’ll play 30 dates in Germany, Belgium, Holland, UK and France.

Here’s the tour check list:

  • tour van is fixed
  • some new songs in the set list
  • Rob has a few new pedals
  • new T-Shirts are up for sale…the Superhero design is back and now also available in girlie style
  • we will rehearse today – unbelievable, but true
  • several bass players are ready to go… Go Randy and Rodrigo!

So please join us! See you all in a few days!

Tourflyer 2014 klein

Summer’s up & running!

// Juni 11th, 2014

Aloha boys & girls,
we’ve been sweating like crazy in the last days in Germany, but we’re happy that summer’s finally here!
Why? Not just because it’s hot and you can hang around in the sun…
No, we’re looking forward to the main surf music event in the world, the SURFER JOE FESTIVAL!


We’ll play there on June 21 at 10.30 P.M. and we’re gonna rock the place!
We also will meet friends from all over the world…among them El Ray, Slacktone, Fifty Foot Combo and Mr. Surfer Joe himself….drink beer, talk about surf music, listen to some great bands and everything happens in the Italian sun…Espresso in the morning guaranteed!

Rob is also doing a seminar on surf guitar on Saturday afternoon, June 21st. Don’t miss it!

After the festival, we’ll play three more shows in Germany and Luxembourg and then take a break for the summer. Don’t worry, we’re working on new songs, nearly 30 shows are booked for the fall, so we’re not lazy at all.

Check the upcoming tourdates & see you on the road!

Surfer Joe

Show in Wiesbaden!

// März 27th, 2014

After traveling a few thousand kilometers in Italy ( 4261 to be correct :)), we play a show in our hometown.

See you there hopefully!

If you want to know what Rob says about the new album check out these interviews:





Flyer Schlachthof klein

Surf’s up in Italy!

// Februar 28th, 2014

We’re getting ready for a 10 day tour in Italy. Looking forward to some cool gigs and lots of espresso! On drums we have our friend Lorenzo aka Surfer Joe…it’ll be a blast!

Italy 2014 Web

2014…we’re ready!

// Januar 16th, 2014

Welcome to the new year!
The Razorblades took a short break for the holiday season, eating lots of cookies and other stuff. To slim down, we start touring again. First run is a little tour in Germany, then we visit beautiful Italy in March and take care of the rest of Europe from April on.
Take a look at the TOURDATES and drop by at one of the shows!
We had a lot of good reviews, some radio shows and a few interviews. Check out two of them here


Visons Underground

We’re also „Juke Box Hero“ in Dynamite Magazine and featured in the current issue of OX.
Buy them at your local newsagent!