Get Cut By The Razorblades
2003 Surf Wave Records


  1. Fasten Seatbelts
  2. Into The Big Blue
  3. Jellyfish Race
  4. The Man In The Green Suit
  5. Hacksurfbrett
  6. Wake up Rudeboy, It’s Surfin‘ Time!
  7. Kleiner Mann, Was Nun?
  8. Tiki Dog
  9. I’m In Love With An Octopus
  10. The Autobahn Man
  11. Teenage Dance Party
  12. Hermann’s Mambo
  13. Cooler Strassenkreuzer
  14. Sputnik
  15. Eternity

The Dark Side Of The Beach
2006 General Schallplatten


  1. Surf Like An Egyptian
  2. The Wake Up Call
  3. Beach Racer
  4. Let’s Go Crazy
  5. Clubflat
  6. Into The Unknown
  7. Yes Sir, I Can Surf!
  8. Family Picnic
  9. Do You Wanna Be My Mermaid
  10. Girl In The Front Row
  11. Longboard Queen
  12. Headshaker
  13. Deep Blue Me
  14. Love Hurts, But You Can Dance Your Pain Away
  15. Rock’n Roll Zombie
  16. The Ancient Tune Of The Baboon
  17. Teenage Angst
  18. Beat Girl Stomp
  19. Sometimes The World Is A Lonely Place

Shake Your Pony Tails
2007 General Schallplatten


  1. Shake Your Ponytails
  2. Looking For Adventure
  3. Twang-O-Mat

Twang Machine
2009 General Schallplatten

Twang Machine Cover

  1. Hit The Shit Out Of It
  2. Life’s Too Good To Waste It Away
  3. Adrenalin Twist
  4. I Got Revolution On My Mind
  5. Grease Your Hair And Get Tattoed
  6. Why Can’t Summer Last Forever
  7. Hey Little Punkgirl
  8. Picadilly Swing
  9. Take Off Your Clothes
  10. Trouble With The Style Police
  11. Fast & Loud
  12. The Lonely Record Collector
  13. The Rubber Leg Man
  14. Into Tomorrow
  15. (Gimme) One Hour Of Your Life
  16. Thanks for the Offer, But I’ll Cry In My Beer Instead

Gimme Some Noise!
CD 2011 General Schallplatten
12“ 2011 Kamikaze Records

Gimme Some Noise Cover

  1. Gimme Some Noise!
  2. She Looks So Cute I Wanna Die
  3. Thunderbird101
  4. Let’s Go Down To Brighton
  5. Punk! Punk! Rocker!
  6. You & Me Under The Christmas Tree
  7. Ready For Some Action
  8. Lambretta Shake
  9. Watching The Blood In The Bull’s Eye
  10. Global Warming Party
  11. (I Burned My Skin In) Traffico Intenso
  12. Revolution? Maybe On Monday…
  13. The Revenge Of The Cookie Monster
  14. Why Should I Walk When I Can Run?
  15. Ain’t No Fun Being Me Today
  16. Your Muffin Top Looks Kinda Sexy
  17. Insomniac Blues
  18. Yes, It Hurts, But I l Like The Pain
  19. Beam Me Out Of This Trashy Movie

Snapshots From The Underground
CD 2013 General Schallplatten
12“ 2013 General Schallplatten

cover klein

  1. Are You Ready For A Rock’n’Roll Weekend?
  2. How’s The Rat Race, Mr. Important?
  3. I Wanna Be On The Radio
  4. Going To Italy…In A Minute
  5. Blood On Your Suit
  6. Amazing! Awesome! Wow!
  7. Punk Rock Summer
  8. Black Fingernails
  9. Move Your Feet In Double Speed
  10. The Trail To The Big Black Nothing
  11. I Want Cake, It’s Sunday!
  12. What’s Up, Scooter Girl?
  13. Turn It Up & Feel The Noise
  14. Ode To My Bohemian Lifestyle

New Songs For the Weird People
CD 2016 General Schallplatten
12“ 2016 General Schallplatten
WEIRDPEOPLE_front_einzeln CDbaby

  1. Rock’n Roll Jet Set
  2. I Can Smell The Summer
  3. Police Control
  4. Smartphone Party
  5. Punching Ball
  6. Anthem For the Beach Freaks
  7. Kim & Thurston
  8. Too Much Money Is Bad For Your Complexion
  9. You Make My Heart Goo Boom
  10. Thanks For Dressing Up, But I Like Girls In Sneakers
  11. Sunrise At Swanpool Beach
  12. Put On The Make Up Boys
  13. Glam Rock Girl
  14. Dancing In The Record Store
  15. Martians Stole My Girlfriend
  16. Cosmopolitan For Breakfast
  17. The World Looks So Much Better Through My Shades

15 Years In The Van
CD 2017 General Schallplatten

  1. Für Elise
  2. Cum On Feel The Noize
  3. Love Song
  4. The Godfather
  5. Here Comes Your Man
  6. Love Will Tear Us Apart
  7. The Train From Kansas City

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