The Band


Which kind of music do you play?
Aha, what’s that, something like the Beach Boys?
Uhmm, not exactly….

Well, THE RAZORBLADES have heard this dialogue a thousand times.

14 years, nearly 600 shows in Europe and the USA plus countless miles on the highway lie behind the Surf punks THE RAZORBLADES, who started in 2002 to kick the Californian Surf sound into the new millennium. But Rob Razorblade, guitarist, songwriter and mastermind behind THE RAZORBLADES. is not happy these days:

“There‘s too much mainstream! Everybody listens to the same music, watches the same crap on TV and follows the latest social media trend. We prefer to do things our own way…that’s what Rock ’n Roll is all about, being different from the rest of the world.”

On the new record ‘New Songs For The Weird People’ THE RAZORBLADES do things their own way by melting Sixties-Surf-Twang, Punk energy, Rockabilly and 80s Underground-Rock into an explosive mixture of pure Rock’n Roll.. Giant waves of melody meet feedback noises and a nod to Glam Rock, New Wave, Ska and Powerpop. Rob says: “We love all the subculture styles – Punk Rockers, Rockabillies, Mods, Surfer guys, Skinheads and Gothics. We met tons of crazy people on tour in Europe and the USA, who organized gigs in a small town at the end of the world, just because they wanted to and believed in it. They keep their style alive and don’t do the stuff everybody else does. We dedicate the new record to these ‘Weird People’.”

The album contains 17 new songs, full of high speed-rock’n’roll, but you can also find traces of The Clash’s punky reggae, Californian melodies, which would perfectly fit the next Tarantino movie and trashy, distorted drums. Guitarist Rob makes his debut as a lead singer on two tracks: ‘Rock’n Roll Jet Set’ is wild and crazy rock’n’roll, while ‘Put On The Make Up Boys’ pays tribute to the Cure from the early 80s. And what do you call this eclectic mix of styles? “Call it Surf Punk, Instrumental Punk Rock or whatever you like. After doing the band for 14 years and playing more than 600 shows, we don’t care too much. Our music is as colourful as our audience and we love Dick Dale as much as The Ramones, Lee Perry, Phil Spector and the Raveonettes“ says Rob.

Instead of getting a headache from thinking too much which label would fit their band, Rob, Ralph and Randy jump into the tour van and play every weekend in front of the chosen ones, crazy freaks who don’t bow to the beaten tracks of mainstream taste. “These people are the Rock’n Roll Jet Set for us, people, who keep their individuality and don’t think about commercial value all the time. Without them, we would be nothing!”

So if you still think THE RAZORBLADES sound like the Beach Boys, check out one of their shows!


Rob Razorblade: guitar, vocals

Ralph Razorblade: drums, vocals

Randy Razorblade: bass, vocals