Here comes the summer!

// Juni 18th, 2012

Summer is coming along….and we’re off the road till the end of august 🙁

Here are some experiences we made on the road for your entertainment:

  • It’s great to play concerts in different parts of Europe. Rumst and Liege were a blast as always and we added Wilkau Haßlau to our „favourite cities to play“ -list. Thanks to everyone who helped with the shows, turned up and went crazy…we love you very much.
  • We enjoyed a strange alcoholic drink called the „Pfefi“ (go to Dessau, if you don’t know it, it’s green and tastes very medical…), fell even more in love with Dub, when we saw Dub Spencer & Trance Hill last weekend and learned that playing at a barbecue at 4 p.m is also fun to play (thanks Mietzi, Julia and Annelike).
  • Our Braunschweig fans got distracted a little by the damned European Football contest, but rocked anyway. Pregnant women turned up at the show and had fun…
  • Playing in the countryside can be better than big cities sometimes, but you never know. At least they don’t have CCTV cameras, which find out about traffic violations you didn’t know exist…London is definitely our favourite place to drive a car now, although Amsterdam is nearly as entertaining…
  • We had the first concert shuttle bus in our ten year career. A bus from Canterbury brought some old punk rockers and psychos to Staple, which rocked so hard that they tore down the PA and gave Rob’s guitar a few new scratches. Thanks Pete for the great show!
  • Ralph and Rob took the Razorblades beat and power to new heights, while the bass player’s face changed on every tour…thanks to Rudolph, Randy, Richie and Ringo for filling Ray’s shoes, who’s now busy playing with IN LEGEND.
  • Our 10th anniversary party was fun…thanks to the Schlachthof and the Phantom Four, who did a great opening set.

So what are we doing now?

We’ll rest a little and work on new songs for the next record…studio is booked for February 2013 and we consider even more singing than on the last record.

Check out the tour dates for the fall.

We’ll go to the UK for a ten day trip and will play a lot of gigs in Germany from September to December. See you then and enjoy the summer!


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