Nearly on the cover of the Rolling Stone!

// Mai 31st, 2011

Aloha guys,
we nearly made it on the cover of the Rolling Stone…no, just kidding, but we got a nice review from Wolfgang Doebeling, which you can check out here:
Rolling Stone
Sorry about no updates for a while, but we had to play a lot of shows in …hmm, let’s count….7 european countries, did a release party with singers, (which was great by the way…), promoted the new album, did a shooting for the brand Rumble 59 (take a look at the upcoming catalogue) and had to deal with the difficulties in the life of a rock’n’roll broken down cars, broken shoulders of drummers, cancelled shows by promoters and other fun things…
Well, we won’t complain….life could be worse 🙂
We’re looking forward to some shows in Germany now, before we prepare for another adventurous trip in summer…more about that soon. There will be a David Bowie Sampler out soon…with a cool track by us…
Till then you can buy the new record (in case you didn’t do that already) and catch us at one of the shows…see you!!!

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